Welcome to the Section for Artificial Intelligence (FBKI)

The Artificial Intelligence Section (FBKI, in German: GI-Fachbereich Künstliche Intelligenz) is the host of all activities within the German Informatics Society that are related to Artificial Intelligence or some of its subfields.

FBKI organizes an annual AI conference, where scientific work from all subfields of AI is presented. Furthermore, FBKI organizes the journal Künstliche Intelligenz highlighting current topics in AI research as well as ongoing work in the special interest groups and task forces of FBKI.

We welcome new members in the FBKI. Members of FBKI will automatically receive the KI journal. FBKI membership application process: (1) Apply for GI membership (at and then (2) apply for FBKI membership in your personal GI member area (at, - "Mitgliedschaft und Leistungen").

FBKI is a member society of the European Association for Artificial Intelligence (EurAI) (formerly ECCAI).

Mailing list of FBKI (for members only): , Subscribe/Unsubscribe.


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