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KI Journal

The scientific journal KI – KÜNSTLICHE INTELLIGENZ – is the German Journal on Artificial Intelligence, mouthpiece of the section for Artificial Intelligence (FBKI) in the Gesellschaft fuer Informatik e.V. (GI) with contributions spanning all areas of AI.

This journal offers current information and substantiated background knowledge to all relevant aspects of artificial intelligence. These range from the basics and programmatic tools to their implementation and use for scientific purpose to resulting execution in a broader sense. All in all, this journal allows anyone working in the field of AI to gain fast access to current AI topics; it simultaneously provides a platform for an animated, interdisciplinary exchange of ideas.

Founded in 1998, the journal KI is published by Springer since 2010.

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The discipline Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been firmly established in research and education and is an interdisciplinary part of computer science today. AI deals with the construction of information processing systems that produce “intelligent” results, as well as with the modeling of human cognitive abilities using information processing systems.

All areas of AI are represented in contributions in the KI journal.

These contributions are organized into several categories and take a variety of forms:

  • technical contributions,
  • system descriptions,
  • project reports,
  • dissertation & habilitation abstracts,
  • AI transfer,
  • discussion,
  • interviews,
  • news.

In addition, information and announcements from the department and its faculties is also printed. The contents of the papers range from methodical fundamentals and scientific tools of AI to their implementation and use for scientific purpose to resulting execution, carried out using methods of AI.

Every edition of the KI journal is devoted to one special topic. This topic and its numerous facets will be presented by recognized authors. The presentation of one topic in this manner allows readers to gain a detailed overview of a variety of current research topics and implementations in the field of artificial intelligence. In the KI journal, you will papers offering readers up-to-date information and established background knowledge on all relevant aspects of AI.

    Where can you get the KI journal on a regular basis? 

    • Become a member of GI’s AI section and receive the journal as part of your membership.
    • Subscribe to the journal directly at Springer Verlag.